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Italian Tourism – Visitor sentiment, online content, traveler composition and the perception
of anti-Covid measures: nothing is left out of the 2021 Edition of the

390 thousand points of interest monitored across Italy, 16 million digital contents collected and analyzed, nearly 80 million accommodation offers examined across OTAs and 9 Italian destinations and regions awarded.

These are the numbers of the All Italian Data 2021 Report created by The Data Appeal Company, in partnership with the TWOW web agency, and with the support of Best Western Group, Gruppo Maggioli, Intellera Consulting, Ospitalia, The Human Company, Italian Exhibition Group and TTG.

Sneak Peek at the 2021 Report 

Thanks to their artificial intelligence-based algorithms and advanced semantic analysis, Data Appeal collects, analyzes and detects a Sentiment Score of accommodations, restaurants and tourist attractions based on the billions of online content and conversations written by customers and visitors. 

Moreover, Data Appeal combines this data with tourism flows, bookings and prices of hotels and flights, as well as tracks the “wellbeing” of the travel industry and how the Covid-19 safety measurements are perceived by tourists throughout a destination. 

The result is the most complete and detailed analysis of Italian tourism, as experienced and shared online by visitors themselves – both domestic and foreign.

Inside this report you’ll find:

  • The impact of Covid-19 on tourism trends
  • Tourist forecasts for the upcoming months 
  • Detailed analysis of the hospitality, food & beverage and attraction industries
  • The most appreciated topics by visitors
  • Sentiment Scores and industry insights categorized by visitor origin 

Award-Winning Destinations: Who will take home the prize? 

Each year, Data Appeal also awards the best regions and destinations across Italy based on a variety of criteria. What’s the most popular region? Which region is most welcoming in the eyes of visitors? Which destination is most reliable for their anti-Covid measures?
With the All Italian Data analysis, Data Appeal identified and awarded the Italian regions who performed exceptionally. Download the report to unveil the winners.

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